Conscious Business Cultures works with management teams to bring spirit back into business. Our programs promote accountability, emotional intelligence, better interpersonal skills, authenticity and respect. They increase employee health and the company’s environmental stewardship. You’ve seen these topics everywhere for years now; they’re the competitive advantage of our time.

This is not Gallagher. And it’s not McKenzie. Because business has changed. This is cultural optimization for the 2020s, 2030s and beyond.

Biking to work

From the C-level down, we weave affordable, practical, staged and gradual components into your operation, including:

  •  workplace yoga
  • weekly, onsite meditation
  • better internal, employee communications, interdependence, authenticity, vulnerability
  • improving the company’s food culture
  • further reducing the company’s environmental impact

Bringing these practices into our companies improves everything we prioritize in business:  productivity, loyalty, focus, dependability, resilience, creativity and teamwork.

Healthy office communication between co-workers

Traditional companies don’t need to scrap everything and start over. Work with an experienced consultant to identify a realistic and pragmatic path to enhance your culture and your employees’ dedication.

Eating healthy at work lowers company insurance rates
Strong teams support diversity and inclusion

Thought Samurai is weekly, one-on-one meditation training for executives, entrepreneurs, board members, and aspiring executives. It is a personalized, intimate service for forward-looking business innovators.

The self-mastery practices of yoga science can improve every area of life:  your athletic performance, your family’s bond and peace, your company’s performance, and the quality and substance of the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Learn more about Thought Samurai Meditation Training, a service of Conscious Business Cultures.

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Thought Samurai offers executive meditation training
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Workplace Yoga Boulder County is a broadly and financially beneficial performance investment. It gives your staff more effective working relationships, more patience for customer service, durability, consistent stress relief, and better health.

It’s also called “no-sweat, no-change” yoga because, without changing clothes, employees meet in office common spaces to connect with their bodies, clear their heads, laugh, relax, and bond with one another.

Learn more about Workplace Yoga Boulder County, a service of Conscious Business Cultures

Office yoga class