How It Works

  • Getting to know you. Conscious Business Cultures spends time in your offices, meets with executives and gets to know employees. The four pillars of environmental responsibility; soft skills including interpersonal relating, mental health, authenticity and EQ; physical health; and stress-management and mindfulness are observed.
  • Make recommendation. We present ways you can begin, including mid-term and long-term plans. We don’t propose huge changes. Success comes from realistic and measured adjustments.
  • Getting started. Conscious Business Cultures helps you tell employees what you’re starting and why. We elicit their trust, enthusiasm and buy-in.
  • Execute. We agree on your goals, benchmarks and how we’ll measure success. CBC handles a majority of the tasks. Executive commitment and sincerity is essential.
intermanagement consulting through interpersonal communications
Industry awards for innovation and thought leadership
  • Assess after 6 and 12 months. Are the new programs successful? Any modifications we want to make? Are employees excited about the environment and energy the programs are creating?
  • Maximize the results. Conscious Business Cultures will help you get recognition from industry associations, your customers, and the media for putting your values into action and how they're making you a better service provider and employer.

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Business Case

Give your employees a clear sense of belonging and respect. Give them purpose, instead of panic. Give them support that directly and visibly translates to how they’re delivering your product and interacting with your customers.

Gradually weave a few measured, realistic and beneficial refinements into your operation and culture. It’s a creative process. A time of discovery and new energy. Watch their commitment to you, their elasticity, sacrifice, and ideation blossom.


  • How many people are active? Getting outside at lunch? Taking a walk or run together? Is biking to work encouraged?
  • How are real-life matters like death, grief and health issues perceived?
  • How do employees handle personality friction? Is it acknowledged or swept under the rug?
  • Is constant stress normalized or does the company have a commitment to relieving and balancing an ongoing state of overwhelm?
  • What is the food culture? Is junk “food” common around the office, or are office meals and snacks fresh and delicious?
  • Is everyone using the company’s recycling bins? Can fewer disposable items be used? Can some things be composted?
healthy lunch breaks and environment leads to fewer sick days

Send us your email and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours