Leadership and Not Rushing the Hard Parts

Green shoot emerging from dead tree trunk

To a degree, in my personal life I’ve learned not to rush through difficult life events. It’s a strategic decision. It’s not about my comfort. It’s because we don’t benefit from them as much if we rush those periods. And we’re not as healed and whole going forward, if we do that.

I’m seeing, though, that I want this difficult time in our country to pass. — Things are pretty hard some days. For plenty of my fellow citizens, they’re not “pretty hard,” they’re very hard. And it’s not just some days, but day after day.

However, many of us have seen that there are some deep, collective realizations coming out of 2020. Not everyone is seeing them. Not everyone is willing to see them. But for those who are, the realizations are in regard to society, humanity, business, and how we prioritize and shape our personal lives and our families’ lives.

With that in mind, can we soften the instinct to want it to be over already? I know. It’s tough. But consider this: Might all the current discomfort reveal more to us and inspire more national progress if we experience it fully?

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