Masculine & Feminine in Society and Business

Graceful power of a feather balancing the weight of a stone on a scale.

It’s all about space, energy and quantum mechanics…

“Shakti means power. Why is that the feminine principle?”

“Not power. Shakti means energy.

“Because of various civilizational and exploitative situations in the human societies, we are thinking of energy as power and dominance. But no, energy is just energy.”

“Because people start thinking in terms of dominance, this is a problem. If you’re not looking at life as dominance…if you’re looking at life as integration…if you’re looking at life as cooperation…if you’re looking at life as oneness,” you see that the masculine and feminine are, together, the basis of all of reality.

“Societies have to taken onto this as to  ‘Who is dominating right now, the masculine or the feminine?’ If either one of them dominates, it’ll turn ugly. If you start thinking in terms of domination, your life will turn ugly. By domination, you will not know life. Only by inclusion will you know life.”

YouTube link:  Acclaimed filmmaker, Shekhar Kapur, seeks Sadhguru’s insight
on the Power of Feminine Energy

See, the feminine is a fiery form of energy. But today we have made economics the most important aspect of human societies…
See, we need to understand this:  economics is being glorified as if it’s some sort of divine thing.
Economics essentially means survival, the survival process. Economics has a place in our life, for sure. But it is not the be-all of life.
If love, art, music, the aesthetics of life were present in a society … if aesthetics was as important as economics, nobody would need to talk about the feminine. The feminine would be naturally, exuberantly visible.”

“I’m a filmmaker. I’d like to assume that I have those in myself.  — So, that’s my feminine energy?”

“Yes, it is. If you do not have the feminine, you won’t think in terms of what’s beautiful, what’s not beautiful. You’ll only think in terms of what’s useful and what’s not useful. You’ll become only utilitarian. You being a man or woman has nothing to do with it.”

“So, am I in conflict constantly between my masculine and feminine self?”

“See, that’s the whole thing. These two energies are the basis of creation. Why would they be in conflict? They’re in absolute collaboration. It’s only in the human mind that it’s in conflict. In life, it’s not in conflict. In energy, it’s not in conflict.”


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