The Modern Way to Get What You Want

Thoughts are seeds. If you have a big pasture and you throw out 2-3 seeds … you won’t get much of a crop.

If you throw out thousands of seeds, you’ll get a better crop.

And if you tend to those seeds – think about them, take care of them, give them some of your attention – they will grow. Then you’ve got a great crop, a great yield.

Meditation is the same thing, except with our thoughts and life. Meditation is the act of getting to know our minds and emotions, SO THAT WE CAN THEN USE THEM OPTIMALLY. If we don’t study a subject, we know nothing about it. Yet most of us have spent little time taking time to understand the workings and results of our minds.

Exceptional people are in good control of themselves, their perceptions and their reactions. Average people are kind of closing their eyes and jumping. For most of their lives, actually.

Even though we neglect it, the mind is pumping out thoughts all day long. The question is, what are those thought-seeds planting in our lives?? And have you ever really taken stock of the crop you’re harvesting??

Do we have the courage to do that? Well, our answer will say everything about our future.

Whatever you truly want, when you learn how the mind and emotions work – by spending time with them, exploring them, familiarizing yourself with how to use them – then you’re able to direct and manage your thoughts and feelings deliberately and productively. THEN, you get a huge, healthy crop!

There are many meditation techniques. The important thing is  1) to find the right ones for you, and  2) to get the support from someone or a small group, to help you use good techniques and invest the time and effort consistently. It’s not rocket science, it’s just a willingness. The rest will unfurl naturally.

Meditation will help you make your way into an intimate, empowered understanding of the most useful, immediate tools you have at your disposal! There is an opportunity right in front of you that will unequivocally bring you more of what you love and want. — We invite you to start the journey. And we’re here to help! Look at our CORPORATE MEDITATION page and email us at We offer weekly meditation training via Zoom for all levels of professional.

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