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Everyone wants the benefits of meditation. It’s a commonly known practice. But getting over the hump is an obstacle, even for leaders who are accomplished in other areas of their lives. Many people think about meditating, or dabble at it, but mastering the practices and seeing the professional and personal results—that’s the opportunity now. As with any activity, skilled meditation is a high-level practice, making it naturally self-selecting. 

Executives, investors, and aspiring managers realize that for years they’ve been saying, “I should meditate more.” Maybe they’ve been meditating for a few minutes a day, perhaps sporadically, but they know there’s more to this millennia-old science of self-mastery, innovation and leadership.

In mystery schools throughout history, meditation was taught to the elite, to the leaders of society, science and business. It’s an added dimension. More than just being focused and driven, leaders gain the sharp clarity and power of their own higher consciousness. Just as with our IQ, we can increase our access to our higher awareness and refine it when we invest in it. Then, we have another, sharper resource — one that fewer people are tapping into.

Cherie Strain, Founder Thought Samurai


Thought Samurai is the private, one-on-one meditation service of Conscious Business Cultures founder Cherie Strain, provided to a limited number of high-performing business and civic leaders. Cherie is a highly trained, ongoing practitioner of yoga science. Thought Samurai gives you access to the international training she’s received and the rigorous practices she’s achieved. Clients can also advance to access other teachers in her network.

Invitation only Himilayan Ashram visited by Cherie
The invitation-only Himalayan ashram where Cherie has studied for extended periods of time

You get better and faster results when you have personal guidance from a grounded, graceful teacher. Hire Thought Samurai and have someone at your side, helping you identify your own best practice and firmly anchoring it in your routine.

The way you lead your company, your division, your family, or your political campaign will all blossom. It’s assured that you’ll discover new perspectives and responses to any and every complication or question in your professional and personal life. And, our influence and magnetism increase. 

Leaders already have regular flashes of genius, solutions, and surges of new ideas — not only at work but also in our free time, via extreme athletics and the other ways we challenge ourselves — but meditation gives you access to a genius gear within yourself that you can’t access any other way. 

This is a different reservoir. This particular avenue of self-knowledge, the strength we access there, and its revelations are consistent,  sometimes “outrageous,”  and startlingly applicable. Meditation shifts your consciousness into its highest genius gear.

Meditation isn’t an idea. It’s a replicable science. Its gems are revealed to those who really pursue them.

It’s a guaranteed advantage…for people who want every advantage.

Spouses & Children

The package includes sessions with spouses and children. This is a stunning element of the Thought Samurai service.

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Cherie’s Most Influential Teachers

Yogacharya Dharmananda,
Yoga Science
Dr. Wayne Dyer,
Tao te Ching
Don Miguel Ruiz
Don Miguel Ruiz,
Toltec Wisdom
Shunryu Suzuki,
Soto Zen Master

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