Corporate Meditation

Corporate Meditation - Conscious Business Cultures

Posted on my client’s digital bulletin board this week:

“We keep growing, as recognized by our award from BizWest again this year, so there are new folks in our offices.

For anyone who’s interested, we do a weekly meditation in the small conference room on the second floor.

We set aside just 1/80th of our week and set down our long list of to-do’s for a few minutes, to take a dip in tranquility!

We experience space and spaciousness. Calm. And we have these cool, effortless flashes of insight. (Solutions and ideas to things we’re working on just drop in.)

The space gives us a chance to remember why we do what we do. — Individually, the variety of reasons we come to work here every day. And collectively, how our regular innovation and incredible hard work is helping our market.

And we remember HOW we do what we do…. Indeed, as a group, in these meditations we talk about how the mind-body practice is influencing our creativity, our thinking, our response to stress and, in particular, how all that affects what we do for our customers.

It reminds us to work with our clients with patience, kindness and integrity. Moreover, we are modeling these behaviors and states of mind for our clients; it can impel them to give us the same. When they experience us holding ourselves and them accountable for these kinds of relationships/interactions, it can be surprisingly rewarding for them. — Having thoughtful and interactive relationships like this may not be common for them with their vendors.

The meditation is Tuesdays at 3pm and lasting half an hour. It’s soothing, inspiring and community-building. — Just one more way our company is supporting us.”

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