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Emma Seppälä, Ph.D. certainly isn’t the only one to remind us that vulnerability takes courage, but, as the Faculty Director of the Women’s Leadership Program at Yale School of Management, she’s one of our respected, contemporary thought leaders .

I look at courage like an emotional muscle. It gets stronger with use. Like going to the courage gym.

Courage is like gold or platinum in our lives. A precious resource, incredibly valuable. Courage changes our manner, changes our outlook, changes our speech…our stance and the way we walk. It changes the impression we make on others. Courage will make us more successful, more resilient and happier. We’ll use it at work. We’ll use it with life’s ups and downs. We’ll use it when someone we love gets sick. We’ll use it to make our dreams come true and not to put them off any longer.

I offer that anything that gives us a chance to practice courage is a fantastic opportunity. So…are you looking for valuable opportunities? Well, try vulnerability.

(It’s free! (Your fears telling you not to are lying to you. Shut that shit down.))

Yes, it helps if our workplace has deliberately identified itself as a conscious container for our humanity. Yes, it helps if your spouse is open to this kind of interaction. And yes, it helps if those around us aren’t surprised when express our vulnerability. But it’s not much of an opportunity if we only act under ideal conditions. The opportunity is even greater if we have to LEAD OURSELVES into unfamiliar and uncertain territory.

If it’s not easy, be even more excited! Coach yourself. Get clear about why we’re going to be vulnerable. Why we’re going to be authentic, sincere, interdependent and trusting. Have conviction; be determined that we want to work for these gains! And then, let’s show ourselves and those around us what it’s like to express ourselves honestly, imperfectly and vulnerably.

Model courage. Your confidence and self-assurance will grow and others will admire and emulate you.

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