The Ultimate Reservoir for Innovation

What is truth?

We all do our best to draw correct, insightful and actionable conclusions. We seek to know what is true by contemplating what we perceive in a situation and in the world. But people have different accuracy of vision/perception. Just as we get our eyes examined and are given a prescription.

We may fervently believe what we see (like a mirage in the desert, or the ancient belief that the sun was rising and setting every day), but that fervor won’t make it correct. Sharpening and sharpening our vision produces a correct understanding of reality.

There are Masters of understanding in every area and at every level of awareness. Some people choose to settle for a certain level of “truth.” They will recognize and have access to the associated possibilities and opportunities. Other people are on a quest to see ever more truth, to perceive and apply as much as they can of the mysterious infinite. Not just scientists obviously, but leaders of business, industry and government. Business innovation is a psychedelic thing, to be sure. Thank you to MIT, Stanford, Silicon Valley and others. It’s a fractal explosion led by those  individuals who repel the constraints and opinions of others, who innovate in spite of criticism and naysayers. They see what others do not.

They open to the cosmos and seeming impossibilities. Business leaders who are comfortable thinking and acting unconventionally impact more of the world, more of humanity and more of the future.

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