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Every. Single. Tech, Energy, Agriculture, Hospital and Manufacturing executive needs to be meditating every morning. For an hour.

Every. Single. Politician, Judge, and Police Captain needs to be meditating every morning. For an hour.

I’m not being arbitrary.

Like our shower and our daily workout, meditation must be just as obvious and assumed in our daily routine.

Not the 15-30 minute dabble. The 1 hour-plus, samurai kind. The actual deep dive – not a skim across the surface and calling it good. Because that’s not where anything really happens

Everyone has heroes, both in human history and guiding our business aspirations today. They’re our heroes because they have more of the traits we want than we do. So, get more. It’s there for the taking. I’m talking about the kind of meditation that gives everyone who does it more of what you want:  control, freedom, autonomy, big leaps forward, focus, courage, katana-like vision, mad endurance, vitality and stamina, and influence over not only those you seek to lead/impress, but also those who need to be supplanted.
(Not to mention, startling and fun adaptability. Not your everyday variety of adaptability. Not the kind that gets you through a tough year (ahem). We’re talking about the kind that makes the process a little trippy. The kind that makes your employees feel it too, intrigued and turned on with you, and proud of their relevance and participation in a company like yours.)

Meditation, when correctly applied, = rocket fuel. Straight up. The proof is in the results. If you’ve been doing a little meditation and the top hasn’t come off your roof, you may know you’ve not really gotten into the science yet.

You can. Don’t stand on the guidelines while companies like SpaceX wow the world this year.

It’s become essentially unthinkable that anyone would lead a company, a community, a judiciary, or a country (or their families!) without being in daily, defining communication with their own highest consciousness, their own reservoir of fertile, targeted, unbounded decision-making and new ideas.

It’s become essentially unthinkable that anyone would run these entities— and try their best to have foresight and make the best decisions they can—with only their first-gear intelligence. We all have a higher gear, a Genius Gear I call it, but many business leaders still don’t leverage it. Seek it out!

The results aren’t handed out to just anyone. Everyone would be the subject of a book about world-changing innovators if it were that easy. The gains are available to those who really hunger for the advantages. The gains must be earned. Not only with dedication, but with correct application. We have to have a map, and when we get there, we have to know which key to use to be granted entrance.

So, who’s your guide? Who’s your private, high-level, well trained ally? Email info@consciousbizcultures.com to schedule a call with our founder.

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