Elegant Power

Elegant power is the goal. But holy hell, we’re drowning in everyone’s ideas and personalities and hacks. Webinars, podcasts, free consultations. We have to be selective, because we can’t take it all in. (and wouldn’t want to)

Everyone is doing their best to cut through the thick wall of messaging to make contact with their audience. For some, the strategy to getting your attention is hype. (blech)

Some have the intention to gain. Others have the intention to serve.
Some are comfortable with an organic process; while others are efforting and contorting their hearts out. Hustle, they say.
Buzz words everywhere. (or “power” words, if you’re a fan of them) Some buzz words are intended to control their audience. Others are designed to clarify understanding and offer inspiration.

This is the crux of it all:  When others are pursuing us and our attention, what are their intentions? Those who have learned to discern this will be drawn to the power of what’s real. Those who can’t will be taken for a ride.

I don’t like Las Vegas. As a woman, it especially feels like everyone is after something from me. You can feel it in the air and see it in their vacant, hungry eyes. Increasingly, it feels like that online. Search engine algorithms , YouTube ads, LinkedIn posts. Everyone after something from us.

How do we find those people who are sincere? Those who are real leaders, offering something genuinely valuable, not just out for themselves? How do we recognize products, services and business partners whose motivation really is to support your health, happiness and stability (like they claim)?


After the year we’ve had, business leaders, we have a clear invitation to take a hard look at where our marketing has gone. Have we gotten lost in the hunt? Are we being carried along by the crowd? Or will we take time to intentionally re-anchor all of our efforts in the mission that the company was originally based on?

We have the power to do business with grace and trust. With sincerity. We have the power to increase how much of that is in the world!

Here’s an idea:  Seek out employers, employees, consultants, trainers, allies, business partners, etc. who are resting in an understated, elegant power. Those who don’t need to hustle; those who don’t resort to manipulation, or bait and switch, or slight of hand. A little less song and dance!

Recognize those strategies for what they are. (lame) Let us RIGHT NOW, at this moment in time and history, use all of our discretion and intelligence and spirit to feed whatever is real, to feed everything that is authentic and sincere, and to feed what is trustworthy. — So that we can freaking relax a little bit!

Are we not weary of the vigilance and the assault that our nervous systems have been taking? Who else is over it?? Since 9/11, we’ve had our defenses up. Like animals in the wild, alert to predators. Well, it doesn’t have to be so acutely this way.


Control your mind. Make deliberate choices. Connect with others who do the same. And then lead your teams, departments, companies and families with this courage and this clarity!


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