TechCrunch: Employees are demanding their employers do better

industry expert employees expect better

“As the nature of work changes and employees demand that their employers do better, companies are looking to raise the bar,” writes Heather Hartnett for TechCrunch

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When things are wonky, we have to invest in righting our own ship. Your employees need you to show your values now more than ever. They need you to hold them closer. They need more than a pep talk. They need to see behind the company veil and to be deeply inspired and reassured by what they see. There’s much we can’t control in the world (clear now, more than ever), but have immediate opportunities in our own “house.” Conscious Business Cultures consulting is deeply rooted in truth and your employees feel more trust for your AND themselves than they ever have, when they meet us. Right now, send an email to Don’t wait.

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