Feeling the Pressure? Staying in touch with our power center in times of change.

Feeling the Pressure, Staying in touch with your power center

In times of change, what’s coming is uncertain. Sometimes there’s risk, and there are usually unknowns. That reduces many people’s creativity and peace of mind. Instead of radiating energy, they withdraw. It’s a primal need for safety.

Don’t forget easy ways to balance this!

Be careful what we eat during this time. Eat light and healthy. Get extra sleep. Get together with our most empowered, optimistic and intelligent friends and colleagues. Do things we enjoy. Fun and lightheartedness definitely shouldn’t be overlooked! They’re assets during this time. Be kind to ourselves; if the inner critic comes up, be sure to quickly and repeatedly shut it down.

Also, as Deepak Chopra says, “In the Bible is the expression, ‘Be still, and know that I am God.’ Stillness is the first requirement for manifesting your desires, because in stillness you connect with the field of pure awareness and infinite organizing power.

“This field can orchestrate an infinity of details for you.

“Self-power draws things that we want to us; it magnetizes people, situations and things to support our desires.”

Personally, I’ve seen that I respond to uncertainty by trying to control. That’s my (ineffective) coping mechanism. Chopra speaks to this too, of course. ‘When we seek power and control, we spend energy in a wasteful way. But when our internal reference point is our spirit, there is no waste of energy. Our energy multiplies and can be channeled to create anything we want.’

To experience what he calls the Law of Pure Potentiality, “practice silence and meditation. This means tuning out the world (our life, the millions of details ahead of us, etc.) and taking time to simply Be.”

When we’ve learned how to do that—the breathing techniques, ways to focus the mind, how to achieve the state of physical and mental relaxation—it’s not boredom, it’s not useless, and it’s not hard. It’s a welcome respite that refreshes us and gives us clear, practical insights that worked when we used them!

From years of meditating, various modalities and practices, and from the lifetimes we’ve all had with their incredible highs and lows we never expected, it’s been my experience that things happen easier and the results are better when I’m meditating daily. It’s been my experience that I feel deep, total trust and calm about the pieces that are unknown. There is a palpable restfulness and ease to my manner, my carriage, my words and my choices. I’m not pushing and scheming, because I’m not subconsciously worrying about the outcome. Things are softer, kind of obvious and simplified. Minimal emotional reactions, calm like a mountain lake as we move through the process.

So I ask myself today—and you too, if you’re interested—do we have allies reminding us right now to eat right, sleep plenty, get out in the sun/wind/water, and making us laugh? Is ease and potency the state we’re in? If not, have we been dismissing meditation because it’s too hard, or because it sounds like the latest craze, or because we’ve felt too busy, or because we don’t understand what it’s really all about/how to do it/where to start?

Join me in tapping into this unlimited and immediately available resource. Join me in feeling excited, strong, resilient, confident and inspired.

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