Relentless Sincerity

Relentless Sincerity - Conscious Business Cultures

Let’s be ourselves at work. Let’s all recognize and accept the caring support that already exists around us! Let’s all admit when we’re wrong. Then, let’s all be kind and take care of each other when we do! Let’s admit when the other person is right. Then ask them to help us learn to do it that way too.

The wabi-sabi of workplace relationships.

Face our fear of creating discord at work.

Face our fear of revealing part of ourselves that we’ve been trying to hide (chances are, we haven’t succeeded; people have noticed).

Face our fear of having to deal with this tomorrow and the next day.

Face our fear that our colleague will scorn or reject us.

Face our fear that we’ll lose credibility in the company and jeopardize a job we need.

Trust that we’re good at heart.

Trust that the other person shares our basic, deep hopes to be able to provide for our families, be respected, have a fun and good life, and be healthy for a long time.

Trust that we can make this a job we love.

Trust that the world is a safe place.

Trust that if anything unexpected happens at work, we will survive it and that, in fact, the outcome can be better than what we’re feeling right now.

Give yourself the opportunity to grow because of this event.

Give yourself your own trust, believe you can handle challenging situations. 

Give yourself the gift of a better future.

Give yourself more power, because you acknowledge and improve some of your “secret” or denied behavioral areas. Don’t cover your ears and eyes anymore. You can do this! And in fact, your colleagues are actually here to help!

Reveal yourself. Be seen in your messy (but proactive) imperfection. Learn to anchor yourself in respect, kindness, care and support when you approach differences or conflict at work. Be proactive. Open up relationships and interactions that feel constricted and uncomfortable. Bring light, space, movement, heartfelt smiles and freshness.

Who has the wherewithal and intrigue to evolve their company’s environment into one of radical trust, interdependence and happiness? I want to do this! Will you do it with me?

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