Stop Living for Other People’s Expectations

Anxiety and stress suck. Yet they’re a strong, pulsing current in everyone’s lives today. Is that the reality we dreamed of when we were kids and wanted to grow up and be a _______?
More importantly, is that the reality we’re willing to accept now?

Our lives are ours to shape and define.  — Aren’t they?
When did too many people give that control away, generally without even realizing it.

Train yourself to relax. Train yourself to see clearly. Train yourself to rest in an easy confidence

Learn to effectively meditate. Also, get support so that you make it a consistent practice so that you see the results start expanding and changing your life. #corporatemeditationcoach #executivemeditation 

Meditation is #freedom. It’s #clarity. It’s #purpose and #fortitude. It’s #creative. Give yourself a better state of mind for every day we’re alive.
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