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Executive meditation trainer for conscious companies

Nobody will say they’ve already got all the mental control they want. It’s the Holy Grail. Everyone is chasing it.

We have to give our bodies time to rest every night, more or less. Why don’t more people see the benefits of doing the same with their minds? (Our minds don’t rest as much as people think, when we sleep.)

At the gym or on the trails, we build physical control. We control and expand our physical capacity. We also soften our minds to a degree and gain new perspective, but meditation is an advanced tool that’s not unlike resistance training or good trail-running shoes. It’s the way – a complementary way – that we further open our minds and gain more insights. It’s the next level up in strengthening the muscle of mental control and new emotional patterns.

Underneath our mind’s chatter is a higher state of calm power and precision. As we learn to genuinely still the noise in our minds, with regular practice, we access a new reservoir that’s apart from the many pressures and tension that running companies brings. We experience an all-new sense of spaciousness and opportunity, easefulness, deep self-assurance, more inspiration and fulfillment from our lives, and magnetic appeal that improves our image and relationships. Hard skills, soft skills. It’s beneficial to both hemispheres of the brain.

There’s a lot of techniques, so a meditation trainer is a justifiable and productive investment in your company’s performance and your reputation. Meditation is a replicable science. If you want to move faster and see clear results, get help from a longtime practitioner and shorten your learning curve. No matter what style of meditation you decide on, all of us can master – rather than be mastered by – our minds and our emotional habits (many of them developed in our youth and still influencing us more than we may realize or want to admit). Thought Samurai executive meditation training is one-on-one, private meditation training for high-performing professionals. Email

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