Personal Archeology

Personal Archeology - Conscious Business Cultures

How many of us know who we really are?

How can we? So many distractions in the world.

Our companies, our Board, our families, society, our peer network. Since we were young— conditioning, feedback, wanting to please others. We are all bundles of conditioned thoughts and behaviors.

If we don’t stop and set those aside, we miss the opportunity now to discover who we really are. Without knowing that, our choices, relationships and accomplishments are defined by a long list of outer forces that began at our childhood. Who wants to settle for that? Living out the dreams of others?

Maybe that’s a little unsettling. Maybe you discount its accuracy. Or maybe it’s an interesting challenge, and you like challenges. One that will reframe your business deals, all of your relationships, and bring even deeper satisfaction from life.

How do we pull back layer after layer, to see?

Patiently. With commitment. With scientifically proven techniques. With an ally.

We choose a time and practices of daily stillness, with a personal guide, and we take a break from all the distractions, stimulation, opinions, expectations of others, and our own crowded thoughts.

Do we want to know ourselves better, really know ourselves deeply? Do you want to explore your most immediate and still-unfamiliar frontier??

After all you’ve accomplished, why not?

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